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Little Black Dress Initiative (LBDI)

Ask Me About My Dress!

Little Black Dress Initiative (#LBDI) is a week-long awareness and fundraising campaign that harnesses the power of social media and doing something “a little different” in order to educate people about local issues that Leagues work on in their communities.

LBDI Advocates wear the same black dress (or outfit) for five consecutive days to illustrate the restrictions poverty places on choices, opportunities, and access to resources.

Junior League of Manatee County wears our little black dress to raise awareness of issues surrounding poverty, specifically food insecurity, in our community. 

Did You Know…
Almost half of residents living in Manatee County have struggles covering the cost of basic needs and 31% of Manatee County residents are in danger of falling into poverty. Of the Manatee County households already living in poverty, 37% are led by single women.

What your donations support: 
Funds raised through the Little Black Dress Initiative will help the Junior League of Manatee County continue to provide health centered education and activities to those challenged by poverty and Food Insecurity. This year, we are proud to Partner with Feeding Empty Little Tummies in support of their backpack programs that feed hungry students every weekend!

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