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Kids in the Kitchen!

A healthy kids’ initiative to fight childhood obesity and promote health and wellness while teaching children nutritional recipes and tips on how to stay healthy.

Each year, our Kids In The Kitchen (KITK) committee, explores new ways to get involved in the community to impact children and families' health and well-being. We participate in Healthy Kids Day hosted by the Manatee YMCA, where JLMC members teach participants about healthy snack options, and then spin a wheel filled with exercises (like burpees!) and complete them with the kids. We've got to stay fit, too! 

This year, through a partnership with Realize Bradenton, JLMC began hosting a monthly healthy cooking session at the Bradenton Farmer's Market. Kids were given a healthy twist on a recipe for something they love to eat, like pizza. They were then tasked with finding the ingredients in the market. Once all of the ingredients were gathered, members of JLMC helped lead the kids through their recipe. Family members got to take home recipe cards to replicate the yummy creations and found local vendors to use. 

The biggest event the committee puts on annually is our Get Your Fit On! event. Find more info about this event here!

Want to learn more about this committee or about how you can participate? 
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Telephone: (941) 748-0101



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