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How We Started 

In the Spring of 1978, Pat Carrington (Mrs. Charles) attended the Conference on Children and Youth in Tallahassee. She was so impressed by the quality of input of the delegates who were members of various Junior Leagues that she returned home determined to organize such a group in Manatee County.

Early in August, 1978, Pat Carrington (Mrs. Charles), Maureen Magnon (Mrs. West), Linda Edwards (Mrs. Michael), Karen VanNess (Mrs. Robert), Glenda Miller (Mrs. Daniel), Sandra Robinson (Mrs. Harry L.), Polly Gaar (Mrs. William) and Jane Wade (Mrs. James U.) Met to lay the groundwork for forming a service league. At the outset it was decided to set a goal of becoming a member of the Association of Junior Leagues as quickly as possible. Toward that goal, contact was established with Mrs. Nancy Satchjen, Deputy Director of Field Services at AJLI Headquarters in New York.

Later in August, 1978, a large group of civically active women met at the Bradenton, Public Library and began the process of forming a Service League. By December of 1978, bylaws had been written, membership established and Manatee Community Service League (MCSL) was a reality.

 The member of MCSL, desiring to broaden the base of our programs established a Sustainer category of membership in June, 1979. Invitations were extended to 150 to attend an informal coffee at the home of Gail Nash (Mrs. Shepard). The policies and programs of MCSL were explained, and 125 women joined MCSL as Sustaining members.

In March, 1986, the Manatee Community Service League became the Junior League of Manatee County and joined the Association of Junior Leagues, Inc. (AJLI) as its 264th member. Since then, hundreds of women have joined the Junior League of Manatee County to make a difference in our community. The charitable focus of the Junior League of Manatee County is to improve the lives of children in our county.

Mission, Vision, Purpose 

Our Mission
The Junior League of Manatee County (JLMC) is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

Our Vision
The Junior League of Manatee County seeks to strengthen the health and well being of the children and families of Manatee County. 

Our Focus
The Junior League of Manatee County's focus is on Food Insecurity.

Reaching Out
The Junior League of Manatee County reaches out to women of all races, religions and national origins who demonstrate an interest in and commitment to voluntarism.

Association Purpose
The purpose of The Junior League of Manatee County is to add value to its member Leagues in their fulfillment of the Junior League Mission.




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